We Are Fashion Web Documentary – My Five Minutes of Fame

A little while back I was approached by Attire Club to participate in a very special video project called “We Are Fashion”. Fashion bloggers from around the world and I share our views on style and fashion and their significance in our lives. You can read more about the story and the bloggers here. I am so excited that the video has been released and it’s amazing to have been included in this project. Thank you Attire Club and all the other fabulous bloggers involved! Enjoy my five minutes of fame!


The Attire Club Video Project “We Are Fashion” Trailer

This past summer I was asked to participate in a special project being done by the fabulous Fraquoh and Franchomm of the Attire Club. I was asked to shoot a video depicting my vision of fashion and what exactly it means. Much to my surprise I was chosen to be represented in the trailer! It’s so exciting — my 5 minutes of fame! A full explanation of what to expect can be found on their site here.

I can’t wait to share the final project with all of you. Stay tuned! Thank you Attire Club!