Snow Bunny

Snow Bunny

Finally we had a nice snowy day. I love winter and what’s winter without snow? I’ve had this issue finding the perfect winter puffer for a super long time. I’ve had the same one for years and it didn’t have a hood. How silly is that? If it snows or rains you should be able to quickly cover your hair right? I scoured every mall in the area and I couldn’t find one that was a combination of the features I wanted and the amount of money I was willing to spend. I try to save splurge money for things that will be worn frequently and are classic pieces. While it looks like I’ll be spending a decent amount of time in a puffer jacket this year, I couldn’t justify spending a huge amount. Finally I came upon this one. It was cute and reasonable and had a hood! An advantage to being a munchkin is that you can shop in the children’s department. The sales associates at Bloomingdales assured me that they all shopped in the kids department too. Part of the trick is to not buy items that look childish in childish colours. I figured that since the coat was black and gold it could be worn by someone of any age. This jacket is by The North Face and since it was kids it was less than half the price of the exact same one downstairs in the women’s department. Go me!

North Face Front

Twirl Scarf Front

North Face Belted

Ugg Australia Boots

Twirl Scarf

North Face Side

North Face Hood


Puffer Coat – The North Face (Bloomingdales)
Leather Like Leggings – Forever 21
Boots – Ugg Australia (Old)
Scarf – Handmade by a Friend