The Lens Friend – A Product Review

I was recently approached by a company called The Lens Friend to review a new product. Being that I am The Glasses Girl and I sell glasses for a living I fell in love with this cute little thing! It’s a magnetic device that you can hook around almost anything and hang your glasses from it safely and securely so that you don’t lose them. It fits all different temple widths too. Hook it over your shirt pocket and hang your glasses so they don’t fall out when you bend over. We all know putting your sunglasses on your head is cute, but it stretches them out! Hook it around your purse handle and voila — a place to hang your sunglasses! I now use this everyday at work, when I’m out, everywhere! You can use it in 3 different directions depending on what you are attaching it to. Check out my favourite ways to style it below and visit the website to get one for yourself! They come in super fun colours too!






The Lens Friend