So we all have flip flops right? What could you possibly do to make a flip flop interesting and fun? We’ve all seen them embellished, but wait… how about if they changed colour? Something different! A conversation starter at the beach or the pool! I was excited when CaliMojos asked me to review their new colour changing version. I picked the cutest pair with cheerful butterflies. They’re one colour inside and as soon as you step outside they change to a new bright hue! Even if you just step into the shade they immediately start to change. The design is also adorable with a double strap and a bedazzling jewel. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you how comfortable they are! BTW… I really need some colour myself! Time to go to the pool in my new flip flops and work on that.

CaliMojos Flip Flops

CaliMojos Inside

CaliMojos Outside

CaliMojo Jewel Detail

Me in CaliMojos

_DRF2509 _DRF2510

_DRF2519 _DRF2520

Flip Flops – ℅ CaliMojos
Thank you!



Yesterday I got some much needed “me” time and took a trip to my favourite mall, The Mall at Short Hills. While walking through Saks Fifth Avenue I was stopped by two super nice girls at the NARS counter who offered to do my makeup. Why not? It’s always fun to get pampered a little and look great when you’re done right?

Not only did they do my makeup, they taught me how to do exactly what they were doing! It’s great to leave looking fabulous but it’s even better to be able to duplicate the look at home. Doreen would do one side and then give me the brushes, showing me which sizes to use, and how to use them effectively for each step and I would do the other side. She emphasized the importance of highlighting and bronzing in the proper areas to make you glow and look alive. Perhaps the most important thing I finally learned was how to shape my eyebrows. Eyebrows have always been the most difficult part of my makeup routine. Doreen showed me how to set the points for each end and that perfect little arch in the centre so that I would appear bright-eyed and bushy tailed! They had just come out with a new eyeshadow pallet that gave you five colours to try for a reasonable price. A no brainer. When you first look at this blush in it’s cute little container you think “Holy Cow. That’s bright!”, but applied properly it’s actually amazing! I even got some fun little goodies with my purchase. Thanks NARS and Saks! So much fun!












Makeup – NARS at Saks Fifth Avenue, Short Hills
Gold Top – All Saints
Shorts – Armani Exchange
Wedges – Vince Camuto




These J Brand jeans have some serious swag! As do my Gucci shades! In fact, I just must have been in a swaggy mood today! Black and gold is such a great, rich combination. It makes me feel “dressed”. I found the jeans at the Saks sale and scooped them right up. I knew they’d go with this top or any other black top for that matter. I just wasn’t in a heels kind of mood so I went with flat sandals, but stayed true to the colour scheme. These sunglasses aren’t so dark so they’re perfect for a kind of cloudy day when you still feel like you need some protection but need to see where you’re going. Important no?











Gold Coated Jeans – J Brand
Sleeveless Top – Forever 21
Sandals – Tory Burch
Sunglasses – Gucci
Necklace – Forever 21
Bracelets – Nordstrom, Cara
Watch – Michele Watches
Earrings – Betsy Johnson


I Can’t Stay Away

I Can’t Stay Away

Oh black coated skinny jeans. I love you so. I know it’s summer, but since the temperature finally dropped a few degrees I need you back in my life. Even if it’s just for one evening.

I’ve lost it! Black skinnies are just so versatile! They’re chic, go with so many things and can be styled so many ways. Probably why I own about four pair. These are J Brand. The brand constantly has just the right amount of stretch balanced by just the right amount of cling. Every pair I try on seem to fit like a glove.

I saw this shoulder-bearing top on a mannequin in the Nordstrom Savvy department while on a shopping spree with my sister-in-law. It combined sexy and sweet into this nice little package. I had to scoop it up!

Lubi was also looking particularly dashing so he got a guest appearance today.















Coated Skinny Jeans – J Brand
Shoulder-Bearing Top – ASTR
Studded Wedge Sandals – Vince Camuto
Sunglasses – Italia Independent
Watch – Michele Watches
Bracelet – A Gift from Portugal
Lubi my Chihuahua