Back In The Swing

Hi everyone! It’s been quite a while since my last post and I really need to get back in the swing of things. I’m doing well after my last surgery, but it seems like with each one I am more tired and take a little longer to bounce back to being myself. While I’m still not quite there I finally just said enough is enough… time to get back to my life. Outfits are tough at the moment. I’m confined to a sports bra which severely limits the tops you are able to wear and my left and right breast are two very different sizes. While this will slowly be rectified it does present some interesting challenges when getting dressed. Prints and scarves are my best friends at the moment. Hopefully if they’re distracting enough people won’t notice!

Stay tuned for some great product reviews and outfits coming soon to a computer near you!

ootd looking back

ootd full side

ootd front

ootd back


Cardigan – Forever 21
Printed Top – MM Couture
Jeans – Joe’s Jeans (Similar)
Boots – Ash



That stands for Oh My, Jeans! It’s not often that I go “out” in jeans. I usually reserve them for daytime weekend wear. This Saturday, however, that changed. I finally found a pair of real blue jeans with a super fit and they are so comfortable and soft. Usually the normal jeans aren’t on sale. These ones are Joe’s and they were in fact on sale at Nordstrom this weekend. Mine! I had to hit the mall with all the amazing sales going on. I got this top too at Neiman Marcus on crazy sale. I’ve become a fan of Clover Canyon which is artsy and flowy and fun — right up my alley. We were enjoying a scotch before going out for supper and of course Lubi couldn’t resist getting in on the action. He’s just too cute to resist!

Strike a Pose
Joes Jeans
Painted Threads Cardigan
Outfit Front
Clover Canyon Front
Chihuahua Lubi
Clover Canyon Left
Clover Canyon
Clover Canyon Back
Ash Bis Boots

Cardigan – Painted Threads (Nordstrom)(Similar)
Jeans – Joe’s Jeans (Nordstrom)(Similar)
Top – Clover Canyon (Neiman Marcus)
Boots – Ash (Bloomingdales)(Last Year)
Leather & Silver Bracelet – St. Paul de Vence France
Watch – Michele Watches
Bead Bracelet – Troll Beads



Last weekend was a casino, food and drink whirlwind. The weather was so awful but thankfully you don’t really have to go outside. You can hop from casino to casino and never have a drop of rain touch your hair. I like that as I’m so not a fan of rain. We had dinner at Old Homestead Steakhouse in the Borgata on Saturday night which was a great recommendation from a friend. I guess I’m not the average girl. Give me a Scotch and a steak and I’m happy! The Borgata is a pretty casino and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of one of the amazing glass chandeliers.

Part of recovering from breast cancer involves taking a medication (for 10 years BTW) that is completely messing up my joints (among other stuff). I haven’t worn heels in quite a while because of it, but I’d had enough of that so I took a couple Advil and just went with it. Between the Advil, the Scotch and the wine I didn’t notice the discomfort. I feel so much more dressed when I have a little lift. I’m very short so I also usually just feel so small when I’m in public and most of the world is towering over me.

See By Chloe Bag

Painted Threads Cardigan

Marc by Marc Jacobs Booties

J Brand Jeans

Trouve Blouse


Old Homestead


Cardigan – Painted Threads (Nordstrom)
Blouse – Trouve (Nordstrom)
Jeggings – (Saks Fifth Avenue)
Booties – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdales)
Purse – See by Chloe (Bloomingdales)


Home Sweet Home

OK. So I don’t actually live at the Mall at Short Hills though my husband sometimes wonders. I do love it though. It’s pretty and they have great stores. Last night we were actually just there for dinner not a shopping spree. Surprise. I couldn’t resist taking pictures in front of this amazing fountain. The fountain has been replaced since I was little but now with the infinity pool effect it’s actually even cooler. The occasion didn’t call for anything too fussy so I actually wore jeans and paired them with a cute top and cute shoes to dress them up a little bit. People were watching me have my pictures taken wondering if I was someone they should know. Um… Probably not!









Graphic Top – Clover Canyon (Similar Here)
Jeans – 7 For All Mankind
Booties – Steve Madden


7 For All Mankind, a division of VF Contemporary Brands