What is it about ripped up jeans that’s so cool? I can’t stop wearing these. Not only are they cool, but they’re so comfortable! Perfect amount of stretch. I know Abercrombie & Fitch isn’t having the moment it did some time ago, but their jeans fit and they look good and they’re reasonable! The rest of the outfit? Free People on top — of course. I’m attempting to incorporate some colour into my spring wardrobe! And the adorable little booties with the fringe are by Ash. Love that brand. Cool styles and comfortable. Don’t forget your accessories people! They can really make an outfit and complete the vibe! Mirrored sunglasses in a complementary colour are a start. They always say not to overdo it on the jewellery. I get it, but don’t necessarily agree. If it works go for it! Layer your necklaces and pile on the bracelets. No worries!

Wrap – Great Option!
Bar Necklace


Shaggy Baby

Shaggy Baby

I admit it. I totally coveted this sweater from the day I saw it at Free People. I watched it, visited it, knew I absolutely had to have it. However, I never spend full price on anything, especially when it’s that expensive. It’s just a sweater. I could wait. And wait I did. Finally — 50% off! Woohoo! Mine! Since the sweater itself is such a statement I chose funky, but all black to wear with it so as not to overpower its awesomeness. Like it?

OOTD 011715 2


Marc by Marc Jacobs Bootie

Ruched Joes Jeans

Shaggy Free People Sweater

Sweater Jacket – Free People
Black Faux Leather Top – ASTR (Nordstrom, Similar)
Black Coated, Ruched Pants – Joe’s Jeans (Neiman Marcus, Available Here)
Booties – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s, Similar)


Truly Madly Deeply

This shirt has been haunting me at Urban Outfitters for weeks. Want, want, want. Should I spend that much on a tee shirt? No — I should wait for it to go on sale. I so didn’t. That’s the advantage of having birthday money — you can spend it on fun items just because! I’m not sure what grabbed here but it was love at first sight. It just looked so cool hanging there. Notice I had to tie knots in the bottom because I’m so short! Apparently the woman behind me in line at TJ Maxx wasn’t so enamoured of said shirt when I was wearing it a few days later. She actually almost yelled at me! She exclaimed, “What the hell are you wearing? That’s no way for a young lady to go out in public! You can’t do any better?” I just giggled.

Ray Ban Round Sunglasses

Long Knit Scarf

OOTD 121414

Zara Distressed Jeans

Top with Tails

Shirt Tail Detail

Wedge Sneakers

Marc by Marc Jacobs Detail

 Extreme High/Low Henley – Truly Madly Deeply (Urban Outfitters)
Distressed Skinny Jeans – Zara
Wedge Sneakers – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s, Other Colour Here)
Sunglasses – Ray Ban (Available Here)
Scarf – A gift from my brother, niece and nephew


Fall Firsts

There’s that first cool, crisp day when you wake up to chilly morning air and know you’re going to pull your booties out for the first time of the season. For me, this is heaven. I love, love, love fall weather and boots and sweaters — the works. While I’m usually in black come September I took my first fall step in blue this year. I didn’t have a lot of chances to wear these boots as I got them at the end of last season so it was nice to pull them out again and I was super excited to pair them with this blouse. I got it on super sale at Lord & Taylor! The back of it is lace so it makes it more than just a button down. It’s oversize so paired with skinny pants or jeans it gives off a vibe that’s just so me. I wore something fitted to work once and people actually commented that it was out of character. Stay true my friends!

BOHO OOTD 091414

Crown Vintage Blue Booties

Free People Oversize Blouse

OOTD 091414

Italia Independent Sunglasses

Free People Lace Back Blouse

J Brand Skinny Pants

Alex and Ani Michele Watch

 Blouse – Free People (Lord & Taylor)
Jeans – J Brand (Neiman Marcus, last year, Similarish)
Booties – Crown Vintage (DSW)
Sunglasses – Italia Independent
Watch – Michele Watches (Similar)
Bracelets – Alex and Ani and Misc


Happy Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary with dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse this year. Amazing, amazing, amazing! The Weehawken, New Jersey location has a gorgeous view of the New York City skyline that is so sparkly and beautiful at night. Sometimes it’s better not to cross the river and it makes for a great photo location! In one pic you’ll actually see a reflection of my husband, though he tried to avoid that happening. Of course every time I go someplace cool it rains. I think there’s a cloud that follows me when I leave town. Though once again I’m in all black, I took a break from my usual skinnies and tried out these track pants that have a sheer, shimmery overlay. They’re chic, comfortable and so of-the-moment. I paired them with a faux leather sleeveless top with a sheer back and let some skin show through. A departure from the norm for me! The outfit is from my favourite Nordstrom Savvy department of course. I can’t get enough and everyone there is so nice and helpful. Enjoy the scenery!

Outift and Skyline

Anniversary Dinner Outfit

Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse

ASTR Faux Leather Top

Outfit Back

WAYF Track Pant

NYC Skyline

Shiny Hair

Empire State Building

Head Shot

Aqua Leather Jacket

Christian Louboutin Pumps

Skyline with Reflection

Skyline at Night

Skyline with Motion

Sheer Overlay Track Pants – WAYF (Nordstrom, Similar)
Faux Leather Top – ASTR (Nordstrom)
Studded Leather Jacket – Aqua (Bloomingdale’s)
Patent Pumps – Christian Louboutin (Barneys New York)
Small Black Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s, Old)


Cherry Blossoms

It’s that time of year. Everything is in bloom. I have to admit — it’s pretty. My allergies, however, not so pretty. I’ll try to admire the flora from afar. Per usual I paired everything with black. Northeastern girl — can’t help it even in spring. Black, black, black. I even consciously tell myself not to buy black when I go to the store, but I can’t help it! It’s classy and goes with everything and there’s just so much of it! I dug this blazer out of my closet after quite a long time. Unlike the usual suspect it’s soft and flowy and shiny. My new watch and my Chuck Chucks bracelet went perfectly with my new blouse. Actually, my velvet sunglasses went too. Go me! It’s almost warm enough that I’ll have to give up my booties soon so I have to get every single use out of them that I can. I so miss them in summer. I was in quite the Marc by Marc Jacobs mood today. You’ll see.

OOTD 042614

MMJ Blouse


MMJ Blazer and Booties

Cherry Blouse

J Brand Scuba Pants

Breezy Hair

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

Chuck Chucks Bracelet

Chihuahua and Booties

Lubi the Chihuahua

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Flowers

Blouse – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s, Not Online)
Scuba Pants – J Brand (Saks Fifth Avenue, Similar)
Booties – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s, Not Online)
Blazer – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Old)
Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs (TJ Maxx)
Bracelet – Chuck Chucks (Use Code princessajf1 for 50% off here!)
Sunglasses – Italia Independent
Chihuahua – My Little Lubi


A Touch of Festival

All the chatter about Coachella inspired me to bring out this amazing ASTR fringed kimono. I’ve been seeing the kimono paired with jean shorts and tank tops but I decided to dress it up a little more than that for a Saturday night out. It’s also really not shorts weather in the Northeast and I am still a very ghostly white shade! I paired my off white, floral fringed version with all black so that the detail really popped. ASTR is another one of the brands you can find in the Nordstrom Savvy department which we all know is like my home away from home. It’s so much fun to get trendy pieces for reasonable prices and there are so many new things there every time you visit!

OOTD 041914

Fringe Kimono

Prada Sunglasses

Kimono in Motion

Outift 0414

ASTR Kimono

Lace Kimono

Walter Bauman Jewellery

Clover Necklaces

Clover Earrings

Ruched Joes Jeans


Kimono – ASTR (Nordstrom – Not Available Online)
V-Neck Tee – Leith (Nordstrom)
Black Pants – Joe’s Jeans (Neiman Marcus Now Available Here)
Booties – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s)
Jewellery – Walter Bauman Jewellers
Sunglasses – Prada