Extreme Wide Leg!

Extreme Wide Leg!

If you’re gonna do it, do it. These pants are definitely extreme and I adore them. It’s like wearing pyjamas and they’re perfect for a hot day because they don’t cling and have plenty of room for air circulation! I’m not usually a “red” girl but that very well may change based on my love for these pants. Since the bottom half of my outfit was such a statement I paired it with a very simple top and did the famous half tuck so that I didn’t look like a balloon. I also chose jewellery and sunglasses that complemented the boho vibe. Even my hair was in the mood. Hope you love these pants as much as I do!

Zara Crop Top

High Waist Patterned Pants

Boho Chic


Extreme Wide Leg


Pants – Free People – Major Sale!
Top – Zara – Love This One
Sunglasses – Eyeye
Jewellery – Gifts, Trollbeads, Michele, Alex and Ani



A Different Flow

A Different Flow

Love. This. Trend. Flowy pants rock. It feels so fresh to wear something other than my skinny jeans. Not giving them up, but a break is nice and they’re much more light and airy in this awful northeast heat and humidity. The rope belt actually came with the pants. I usually get rid of belts that are attached at purchase because for the most part they’re cheesy, but go Zara ’cause this one’s adorable! Confession… I have to wear heels, platforms, flatforms or something so that I don’t trip on the pants! The high waist is also the only way you’ll ever see me in a crop top. I’m not one to walk around with my midriff saying hello to the world. I admit that it took me a while to embrace the crop. I was having such a hard time with the concept. I’m the flowy top girl. The fact that this one wasn’t too fitted was the selling point and the lace pattern made for a fun mix with those adorable little polka dots. Say hi to Lubi! Enjoy!

OOTD 061315

Lace Crop Top

Polka Dot Pants

Zara Wide Leg Pants

In Trees

Lubi in Martha Stewart

Wide Leg Pants – Zara
Crop Top – ASTR (Nordstrom, Not Available, Love This!)
Flatforms – Aldo
Sunglasses – Prada (Tortoise Here, Contact Me For Blue)
Lubi the Chihuahua – Martha Stewart Leash & Harness (Petsmart)



I’ve decided that the pajama dressing fad is very cool. You put on a silky, totally comfortable outfit with nice shoes and some fun accessories and you’re dressed. Easy, breezy, done. I found this outfit on super sale and had to have it. I’ve become a huge fan of the brand WAYF since I first saw it in the Nordstrom Savvy department. Their pieces are always current, fun and well made. More often than not, the piece that catches my eye on a walk through is by them. Since it’s still on the chilly side here and I haven’t yet dug out my open toe shoes, I paired this digital print outfit with my favourite cutout booties. I went with springy, floral jewellery in complementary colours and yet another amazing pair of Italia Independent mirrored sunglasses. Enjoy!

WAYF Pajama Outfit

Front of Outfit

Pajama Outfit

New Suit Trend

Back of Outfit

Italia Independent Sunglasses


Pajama Top and Pants – WAYF (Bloomingdale’s)
Cutout Booties  – Jeffrey Campbell (Bloomingdale’s)
Sunglasses – Italia Independent (I-Metal/0026)
Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom)
Lubi the Chihuahua



One of the hottest trends in sun wear right now is mirrored lenses. Not just the standard mirror that you would see on a C.H.I.P.S show from the 70s. I’m talking about cool mirrors in a rainbow of colours. I recently got these I-Metal Thermic glasses from Italia Independent. They change from black to purple animal print in the heat and the lenses are a fabulous purple mirror. How cool is that? It wasn’t hot enough out for them to change, but even in their black cool state they’re awesome. I wore them with a cool pair of houndstooth silk track pants and an open weave short-sleeved sweater and cutout booties for a trendy fun evening. Enjoy!





Knot Sisters Sweater

Italia Independent Sunglasses

Pants Detail

Jeffrey Campell Cutout Booties


Sunglasses – Italia Independent (I-METAL THERMIC / 0020T)
Sweater – Knot Sisters (Nordstrom)
Houndstooth Track Pants  – Aqua (Bloomingdale’s)
Cutout Booties – Jeffrey Campbell (Bloomingdale’s)
Necklace – Orogami