Sgt. Pepper

Everyone calls this my Sgt. Pepper jacket. It was one of those items that you see and know you must own. It’s by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply and I didn’t buy it the first time I saw it. Per usual, I was waiting for it to go on sale. It did, eventually, but then it was sold out everywhere! I dreamed about that jacket. After I had given up I happened to be walking by the department in Macy’s and I saw it. One left and in my size. MINE! Then, after I bought it I waited forever to wear it. I was trying to save said jacket for the perfect occasion, whatever that could have been. Ridiculous. If you own it, wear it! Since we were going out for dinner with friends and it was close to the holidays I figured an outfit gilded with gold wasn’t too over the top. Right?

Denim Supply Military Jacket


Holiday Lights

Military Jacket Front

Denim Supply White Gold Jacket


Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

Bracelet Jacket Detail

Marc by Marc Jacobs Booties


Military Jacket – Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply (Macy’s)
Gold Coated Jeggings – J Brand (Saks Fifth Avenue)
Booties – Marc By Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s)
Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s)
Bracelet and Necklace – From Mummy


Bistro Chic

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a certain fondness for French food.  I can’t help it. This little bistro is one of our favourite local spots. It makes me feel like I’m in the South of France, even when I’m just stuck here in New Jersey. I went with one of my favourite combinations — tattered and chic. This DVF top has zippers up the side that let you choose the amount of “peek a boo” you’re in the mood for. Fun right? Add some edgy black and gold accessories and voila! Outfit!












Zipper Side Top – DVF
Distressed Jeans – Edyson
Wedge Sandals – Vince Camuto
Belt – Forever 21
Bracelets – Nordstrom and Cara
Watch – Michele Watches
Sunglasses – Italia Independent
Necklace – From Mum and Dad
Lubi my Chihuahua 🙂



Yesterday I got some much needed “me” time and took a trip to my favourite mall, The Mall at Short Hills. While walking through Saks Fifth Avenue I was stopped by two super nice girls at the NARS counter who offered to do my makeup. Why not? It’s always fun to get pampered a little and look great when you’re done right?

Not only did they do my makeup, they taught me how to do exactly what they were doing! It’s great to leave looking fabulous but it’s even better to be able to duplicate the look at home. Doreen would do one side and then give me the brushes, showing me which sizes to use, and how to use them effectively for each step and I would do the other side. She emphasized the importance of highlighting and bronzing in the proper areas to make you glow and look alive. Perhaps the most important thing I finally learned was how to shape my eyebrows. Eyebrows have always been the most difficult part of my makeup routine. Doreen showed me how to set the points for each end and that perfect little arch in the centre so that I would appear bright-eyed and bushy tailed! They had just come out with a new eyeshadow pallet that gave you five colours to try for a reasonable price. A no brainer. When you first look at this blush in it’s cute little container you think “Holy Cow. That’s bright!”, but applied properly it’s actually amazing! I even got some fun little goodies with my purchase. Thanks NARS and Saks! So much fun!












Makeup – NARS at Saks Fifth Avenue, Short Hills
Gold Top – All Saints
Shorts – Armani Exchange
Wedges – Vince Camuto


Cobalt is Cool

Cobalt is Cool

What a crazy week it’s been! So sorry I haven’t had a chance to post. I’ve been thinking about it for days and haven’t had a spare second to sit down at the computer. I wore this casual chic outfit to supper over the weekend. I’m in love with studs, which you’ve probably realized and I so love cobalt. It’s bright without being obnoxious and overpowering. In addition to the stud detail around the neckline of this top the back of it is really neat. These sunglasses could not go more perfectly. The cobalt blue sparkles with the gold temples are fabulous. Loving the entire Miu Miu glasses collection right now! I’m also totally excited to see what Mr. Camuto comes out with for boots because the sandals for this season were so awesome!









Cobalt Studded Top – ASTR
Black Coated Jeans – J Brand
Black Studded Sandals – Vince Camuto
Sunglasses – Miu Miu
Bracelets – Cara, Nordstrom, Forever 21
Lubi my Chihuahua