Back In The Burbs

After a whirlwind weekend being back in the suburbs wasn’t such an awful thing. It never is really, but the city is just so exciting by comparison. My mum spotted this dress at Nordstrom and decided I had to have it. It has a laid-back French vibe with a little bit of festival season built in. This dress will definitely take me through a few seasons. Since it’s still chilly here I paired it with black leggings, cardigan and booties. Over the summer it will go wonderfully with flat sandals for day or wedges for night. I piled on some cool jewellery and an amazing pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses to complete the look. Voila!


Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Booties

BP Leggings

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses


All Saints Cardigan

Mink Pink Dress

Oliver Peoples Colline

Dress – MinkPink (Nordstrom)
Leggings – BP (Nordstrom)
Cardigan – All Saints (All Saints, Old)
Everly Booties – Jeffrey Campbell (Nordstrom)
Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples (I Sell Them, Available Here Too)


Messy Braid

I never really wear my hair up, but with this heat I had to do something to get it off of my back and neck! I went for the messy braid. I’m not one to do anything “messy”. It’s just not me. I’m more into smooth, straight and groomed so this was a change for me. Everyone said it was cute so I think I’ve found my heat wave hairstyle!

This dress was a cute option for the heat. The snow leopard print made me wish for cool days and the stud detail on the collar made it not so plain. I’m loving these Gucci aviators this season! I’m usually more of a plastic frame person because the nosepads on the metal frames get stuck in your hair, but on a really hot day there’s less frame touching you which is great.








Dress – Forever 21
Sandals – Tory Burch
Sunglasses – Gucci
Bracelets – Walter Bauman and Gift from Mum
Watch – Michele Watches


Hi/Lo Too

Hi/Lo Too

This is the second hi/lo maxi dress option that I found. I love the summery colours in this one! It’s a perfect day dress when it’s really hot, which it truly was here! This one I found in the children’s department! Even though the colours are bright I didn’t feel like it made me look like a 12 year old. I can wear it with flats without tripping myself which is fabulous and saves a lot of potential embarrassment! I also, somehow, own sandals that are exactly the same colours. Go me!









Dress – Cherokee
Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples
Beaded Sandals – Sam Edleman
Beaded Bracelet – Bloomingdales
Ring – Walter Bauman
Watch – Michele Watches




Maxi dresses have proven to be a huge challenge for me. Newsflash… I’m short! I’ve tried on so many, but most of them make me look like I’m playing dress up in my mum’s clothes. I’ve found two tricks for all you short girls out there. One – if you’re small you can buy them in the children’s department. I know it sounds ridiculous, but there are some really nice ones and they won’t drag on the ground. Two – the higher in the front, lower in the back ones don’t seem to be as long for some reason. After trying on a store full of maxis I found this one and it worked! I could wear it with flats if I wanted to! Good luck shorties!








Dress – Aqua from Bloomingdales

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Sunglasses – Prada

Necklace – From a fabulous shop in Eze, FR

Watch – Michele Watches

Bracelets – From Walter Bauman and Gifts

Ring – Walter Bauman