Fall Back

Fall Back

It has just occurred to me that one has to plan a little better in the winter when taking blog pictures. In the summer it’s easy. There’s still time to take OOTD pics after work. I have one of those “job” things so I’m not home pre-sunset at this time of year. I’m going to have to figure this one out. Thoughts anyone?

This outfit I actually wore over the weekend, but still somehow didn’t manage to get myself ready before the sun went down. I’m so slow since my surgeries. It drives me crazy! Anyhoo… I knew the restaurant we were going to is always hot so I wanted to make sure I was wearing something light enough. Sweater not an option. I’ve always liked the “dress over jeans” look. It says, “I’m feminine, but I’ve got an edge”. This dress is so cute with buttons up the back and it’s from my favourite Nordstrom Savvy Department so it was reasonable. I actually found a way to give my favourite coated J Brand a night off. These are very cool Rag & Bone. They’re actually slippery. I slide around in the car!









Dress – Like Mynded (On sale!)
Pants – Rag & Bone
Leather Jacket – Aqua
Booties – Steve Madden
Scarf – Missoni


Look At Those Kicks!

Sometimes you just need some shine in your life. This cobalt sweater is so shiny and it has little holes so when fall finally arrives, but it’s still a little warm you’re not too hot. Love it! It also goes super well with my new Marc by Marc Jacobs kicks. Aren’t they cute? They have a hidden wedge so you have some height, but are so comfortable and cushy you don’t even realize it’s there. They’re an adorable blue with a black lace overlay so they go with everything. I got complements on them all day. Also, being that I’m still in “hiding things mode” I got to wear one of the new scarves that my mum bought for me. One of my favourite things about fall is scarves. I’m completely obsessed.

I finally had a chance to get my hair done today for the first time since my surgery. It felt so good! I can finally see where I’m going and why not get a couple pink extensions in support of Breast Cancer Month?









Sweater – LMK
Jeans – Abercrombie  & Fitch
Wedge Sneakers – Marc by Marc Jacobs
Hair – Sparks Hair Design


I’m Back Baby!

I’m Back Baby!

Hi everyone! It’s been so long since my last post. I’m so sorry for my absence. For those of you who missed it, or are just joining me, my last post explained that I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction because I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The good news… I’m clean! The cancer is out and I’m going to be fine. After many complications and a second surgery, I am left for now with one temporary implant and one prosthesis. I still have a couple surgeries ahead of me, but in the long run I’ll be healthy. For now, let’s concentrate on the outfit challenges that I am facing.

I’m confined to a sports type bra to hold everything where it needs to be. Sexy? No! I have found that the Genie Bra is the most comfortable thing I can find at the moment. You step into it as opposed to having to lift your arms and pull it over your head. After these surgeries it is impossible for quite some time to lift your arms up over your head. This causes issues with the types of tops one can wear too. Either the neckline has to be loose enough to step into or your top has to button or zipper somewhere.

This top zippers up the back. I kind of need help getting out of it, but at least it is possible and I’m finding ways to look as cute as I can! I love the animal print and the cobalt accents too!








Zipper Back Top – Robbi & Nikki
Coated Jeans – J Brand
Booties – Dolce Vita
Sunglasses – Prada
Earrings – Topshop
Watch – Michele Watches




In my every day capacity as a frame stylist I assist people in looking fabulous and seeing well. These glasses are definitely an escape from that! In fact, they’re an escape from reality! So cool to put these babies on and spin around. I have to take these to a club or something! I feel like Glasses Girl gone wild!

I was approached by Future Eyes who realized I was a glasses fanatic and asked to try them out. I definitely don’t recommend driving with them, but lie down in a grassy field and look up and have some fun! Make sure you check them out here… http://future-eyes.com. They also have really cool pendants! Must get me one of those!










Glasses – c/o Future Eyes
Top – Nordstrom BP
Cobalt Shiny Jeggings – AG Adriano Goldschmied
Booties – Steve Madden
Necklace and Left Bracelet – Tiffany & Co.
Spike Bracelets – Cara and Nordstrom
Watch – Michele Watches


Black ‘n Blue

Black ‘n Blue

It used to be a fashion faux pas to mix black and blue for fear that you would look like a bruise. No longer my friends! Done properly the mix has become more than quite acceptable and is often favoured by many designers. I took a simple black sleeveless top with side panel detail and paired it with a pair of shimmery coated light blue pants. The top is, of course, from my favourite Nordstrom Savvy Department. I added a black and blue animal print scarf with some brighter shades of blue for a pop and some chunky rhinestones on my jewellery and shoes for sparkle. The end result…










Sleeveless Top – Tildon
Blue Pants – Rag & Bone
Sandals – Vince Camuto
Scarf – Tasha
Sunglasses – Prada
Earrings and Bracelet – Aqua
Necklace – From Mum and Dad


French Thai

French Thai

One of our favourite restaurants is a French Thai place. The food is phenomenal and it’s in a really cute town! You can eat outside when the weather is nice, which it so hasn’t been for quite some time. The rain actually subsided right in time to take pictures before supper.

This top has leather panels on the top and a blue floral patten and was on sale at Saks! It’s light and “flowy” which is nice in this humidity. No sticking! I’ve never owned a skirt like this. I’m not usually a “body-con” kind of girl, but with the loose top it really worked. It’s from the new Savvy department at Nordstrom which is so much fun! All their items are reasonably priced and the girls that work there are fabulous. I can see this skirt working in all seasons. I think it would be super cute with boots. I’m so excited for boot season!











Leather & Silk Floral Tank – Robbi & Nikki
Body Con Skirt – Devlin
Platform Sandals – Dolce Vita
Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelet – From St. Paul de Vence, FR
Ring – Tiffany & Co.


Cobalt Rain

Cobalt Rain

It’s unbelievable. More depressing, soaking rain. Lubi, my chihuahua, doesn’t like the rain either. It’s not good for the wardrobe or for our barbecuing! We had to cook our burgers on the stove. I never use my stove! Newsflash — I’m domestically challenged! Oh well, life goes on as I stare out the window wishing the rain would finally cease.

Sleeveless Blouse - Aqua Cobalt Jeggings - AG Jeans
Sleeveless Blouse – Aqua
Cobalt Jeggings – AG Jeans
Sleeveless Blouse - Aqua Cobalt Jeggings - AG Jeans
Sleeveless Blouse – Aqua
Cobalt Jeggings – AG Jeans
Studded Booties - Steve Madden
Studded Booties – Steve Madden
Makeup - Giorgio Armani, YSL
Makeup – Giorgio Armani, YSL