Flowers for the Snow

There’s just something ironic about wearing a nice floral top and floral jewellery during a snow storm. Why not? This winter has been crazy so you have to have fun with it. Being that I was scheduled to have more surgery to remedy this whole breast cancer thing that I’ve been dealing with I decided that I would like to go out for a somewhat special supper before I was stuck in my house for a while. It’s especially difficult to pick footwear when you know you’re going to have to walk through some kind of slop even if there is valet parking. I love these platform booties but they are quite old so I just went with it. And wait until you hear about this fabulous jeans score. I found J Brand coated skinnies in my size, on clearance at Marshall’s for $25.00! Awesome!



whole outfit

winter floral

fuzzy sweatr

Side Hair Up

Floral Top

Leather Detail

Jewellery 2


Floral Top with Leather Detail – Robbi & Nikki (Saks Fifth Avenue)
Coated Jeggings – J Brand (Marshall’s)
Fuzzy Cardigan – Forever 21
Platform Booties – Dolce Vita
Jewellery – Lots of Random Fun Stuff
Watch – Michele Watches


Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. This hasn’t been a fabulous year for me having been diagnosed with breast cancer and having been through all of the things that go along with it. This year my birthday wasn’t about a number. It was about celebrating life with my amazing family. I had my hair done earlier in the day at Sparks to pamper myself a little bit and in the evening we had supper at my mum and dad’s with my family and my husband’s family. Since dinner was at the house it wasn’t fancy, but I wanted to wear something kind of special for my day. I had been waiting for the right evening to wear this amazing ASTR cardigan from Nordstrom Savvy. I love that it’s black and blue — one of my favourite colour combinations — and the fringes are so much fun! I paired it with a simple black silk tee underneath and these amazing J Brand jeans with little holes up the back. While I wanted some height, I didn’t feel it necessary to prance around the house in stilettos so I chose these simple booties with a chunkier heel. They are comfortable and didn’t distract from the rest of the details in the outfit.











Cardigan – ASTR (Nordstrom Savvy)
Tee – Leith (Nordstrom Savvy)
Jeans – J Brand (Neiman Marcus)
Booties – Dolce Vita (Nordstrom)
Bracelet – From Portugal
Ring – I stole it from Mum
Necklace – Orogami (Italy)
Makeup – NARS (Saks Fifth Avenue)


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Not a Vampire

Not a Vampire

So I just realized that it’s OK to take pictures of your daytime outfits. I’m not sure why I always felt like only my work or nighttime outfits were “blog worthy”. Even us bloggers have casual days. We’re not an elite group of men and women who look fabulous 24/7, dressed to the nines with full makeup and jewellery. Casual, however, doesn’t mean sloppy. One should always look put together. Even if you leave your house in sweats (the horror) they should at least match and be free of rips! Look like you have self respect and people will respect you.

This was my shopping outfit for the day. It literally happens only twice a year, but it’s worth the wait! The Nordstrom Half Yearly sale. My sister-in-law and I got up early and found some great stuff! Although not from this trip, my top is from the Savvy Department. It’s so much fun. Trendy, well made clothes and nothing is too expensive!










Top – Tildon
Black/Blue Coated Jeans – J Brand
Booties – Steve Madden
Biker Jacket – Aqua
Scarf – Missoni
Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples


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Fall Back

Fall Back

It has just occurred to me that one has to plan a little better in the winter when taking blog pictures. In the summer it’s easy. There’s still time to take OOTD pics after work. I have one of those “job” things so I’m not home pre-sunset at this time of year. I’m going to have to figure this one out. Thoughts anyone?

This outfit I actually wore over the weekend, but still somehow didn’t manage to get myself ready before the sun went down. I’m so slow since my surgeries. It drives me crazy! Anyhoo… I knew the restaurant we were going to is always hot so I wanted to make sure I was wearing something light enough. Sweater not an option. I’ve always liked the “dress over jeans” look. It says, “I’m feminine, but I’ve got an edge”. This dress is so cute with buttons up the back and it’s from my favourite Nordstrom Savvy Department so it was reasonable. I actually found a way to give my favourite coated J Brand a night off. These are very cool Rag & Bone. They’re actually slippery. I slide around in the car!









Dress – Like Mynded (On sale!)
Pants – Rag & Bone
Leather Jacket – Aqua
Booties – Steve Madden
Scarf – Missoni