I’m Back Baby!

I’m Back Baby!

Hi everyone! It’s been so long since my last post. I’m so sorry for my absence. For those of you who missed it, or are just joining me, my last post explained that I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction because I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The good news… I’m clean! The cancer is out and I’m going to be fine. After many complications and a second surgery, I am left for now with one temporary implant and one prosthesis. I still have a couple surgeries ahead of me, but in the long run I’ll be healthy. For now, let’s concentrate on the outfit challenges that I am facing.

I’m confined to a sports type bra to hold everything where it needs to be. Sexy? No! I have found that the Genie Bra is the most comfortable thing I can find at the moment. You step into it as opposed to having to lift your arms and pull it over your head. After these surgeries it is impossible for quite some time to lift your arms up over your head. This causes issues with the types of tops one can wear too. Either the neckline has to be loose enough to step into or your top has to button or zipper somewhere.

This top zippers up the back. I kind of need help getting out of it, but at least it is possible and I’m finding ways to look as cute as I can! I love the animal print and the cobalt accents too!








Zipper Back Top – Robbi & Nikki
Coated Jeans – J Brand
Booties – Dolce Vita
Sunglasses – Prada
Earrings – Topshop
Watch – Michele Watches


Me in Monochrome

Yet again, black and white. At least the rain stopped for long enough to pop out and take some pictures! And the sun peeked out just long enough to wear these amazing sunglasses. So French no?

I’m so excited for fall. I’m getting out the booties and incorporating them whenever I can. This is a new Dolce Vita pair with nice silver accents on the toe and heel. At a first glance this is a cool pair of animal print coated jeans. Guess what? Flip them inside out and they’re coated black jeans. Great for travelling! Bluelab does a whole line of reversible jeans. Check them out! BTW… I can’t wait to get my bangs trimmed!









Side Panel Top – Tildon
Reversible Jeggings – Bleulab
Booties – Dolce Vita
Sunglasses – LaFont Paris


A Glimmer of Light

A Glimmer of Light

Such a beautiful sunny day. The gold in my outfit representing the golden glimmer of the sun. We managed to hit the light perfectly and I was having a good hair day! My salon, Sparks Hair Design is amazing. I always come out with the perfect cut and my GK Keratin Treatment makes my hair so easy to deal with! They’re the best!

I played up the gold accents on my animal print jeans with a shimmery black and gold top, and black and gold accessories like my earrings, bracelets, sunglasses and shoes. Lubi also looks exceptionally dashing today doesn’t he?











Animal Print Jeans with Gold Zippers – 7 For All Mankind
Shimmery Black & Gold Top – Frenchi, Nordstrom BP
Bracelets – Cara and Nordstrom
Flocked Velvet Studded Sunglasses – Italia Independent
Sandals – Tory Burch


Messy Braid

I never really wear my hair up, but with this heat I had to do something to get it off of my back and neck! I went for the messy braid. I’m not one to do anything “messy”. It’s just not me. I’m more into smooth, straight and groomed so this was a change for me. Everyone said it was cute so I think I’ve found my heat wave hairstyle!

This dress was a cute option for the heat. The snow leopard print made me wish for cool days and the stud detail on the collar made it not so plain. I’m loving these Gucci aviators this season! I’m usually more of a plastic frame person because the nosepads on the metal frames get stuck in your hair, but on a really hot day there’s less frame touching you which is great.








Dress – Forever 21
Sandals – Tory Burch
Sunglasses – Gucci
Bracelets – Walter Bauman and Gift from Mum
Watch – Michele Watches