Wrapurse – Genius!

Every once in a while a product comes along and you wonder why you weren’t the one to think of it. When Wrapurse contacted me and asked me to share this product with you I was glad to do so. How many times have you been at a restaurant or a concert and thought, “Eww! I’m not putting my purse down on that nasty floor!” Or how about in the cart at the grocery store? Yuk! This is the solution! Please see the story below.


This is my purse safely wrapped in a size medium Wrapurse. I take it everywhere now and it will remain permanently in my purse!


You can find their campaign at:
Wrapurse is a product of convenience, reusability, versatility, and protection! It folds into a small, lightweight carry case, so it can go wherever you go. The high-quality, water-resistant fabric allows you to easily wipe off any dirt or hand-wash the whole thing. Available in four different sizes, it will fit any purse, tote, or diaper bag. By keeping them clean, dry, and germ-free, Wrapurse will improve the longevity of your handbags.
As a single mother of two active boys, Cyndi Heap witnessed the ruin of many expensive accessories due to muddy soccer fields and grimy baseball bleachers. As a result, she founded and designed Wrapurse. With her campaign, she hopes to further establish the brand as well as give back. Dedicated to her son with special needs, Cyndi will donate 10% of the funds raised to Understood.org, one of the programs at the National Center for Learning Disabilities. Wrapurse is Cyndi’s stylish solution to your handbag troubles and so much more, and she would like to share with you!
Colors available are merlot, chestnut, and midnight black. Dependent on size, Wrapurse retails for $16-$22 online at www.wrapurse.com.
Again, the Indiegogo link is:

Let me know your thoughts!

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