Missed You!

Hi everyone. Sorry I was missing for a few days there! Life just gets in the way sometimes. All weekend I kept thinking I was going to have a chance to sit down and blog but it simply didn’t happen. All fun events though (other than having to work) so good stuff. Anyway… I did have a few chances to shoot some pictures. I love this track pant trend! Have I said that? These are faux leather. I love them, but they are a little warm so I figured I’d get a wear in on a nice cool evening. The weather here is starting to heat up so there may not be many more opportunities. I wore them with one of the first tops I ever bought in the Nordstrom Savvy department. My how far I’ve come. It was too wet and chilly to wear open toe shoes so I took out these platform booties. I’ve had them for years but I still love them. They also provide some nice height which I am not privy to by birth. Enjoy!

Like Mynded Top

Dolce Vita Booties

Faux Leather Track Pant

Hair by Sparks

Track Pant and Blouse

Vegan Leather Pants


Half Tuck Blouse



Faux Leather Track Pant – Aqua (Bloomingdale’s, Similar)
Plaid Blouse – Like Mynded (Nordstrom, Last Year)
Booties – Dolce Vita (Bloomingdale’s, Old)


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