Cherry Blossoms

It’s that time of year. Everything is in bloom. I have to admit — it’s pretty. My allergies, however, not so pretty. I’ll try to admire the flora from afar. Per usual I paired everything with black. Northeastern girl — can’t help it even in spring. Black, black, black. I even consciously tell myself not to buy black when I go to the store, but I can’t help it! It’s classy and goes with everything and there’s just so much of it! I dug this blazer out of my closet after quite a long time. Unlike the usual suspect it’s soft and flowy and shiny. My new watch and my Chuck Chucks bracelet went perfectly with my new blouse. Actually, my velvet sunglasses went too. Go me! It’s almost warm enough that I’ll have to give up my booties soon so I have to get every single use out of them that I can. I so miss them in summer. I was in quite the Marc by Marc Jacobs mood today. You’ll see.

OOTD 042614

MMJ Blouse


MMJ Blazer and Booties

Cherry Blouse

J Brand Scuba Pants

Breezy Hair

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

Chuck Chucks Bracelet

Chihuahua and Booties

Lubi the Chihuahua

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Flowers

Blouse – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s, Not Online)
Scuba Pants – J Brand (Saks Fifth Avenue, Similar)
Booties – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s, Not Online)
Blazer – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Old)
Watch – Marc by Marc Jacobs (TJ Maxx)
Bracelet – Chuck Chucks (Use Code princessajf1 for 50% off here!)
Sunglasses – Italia Independent
Chihuahua – My Little Lubi


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