One of the hottest trends in sun wear right now is mirrored lenses. Not just the standard mirror that you would see on a C.H.I.P.S show from the 70s. I’m talking about cool mirrors in a rainbow of colours. I recently got these I-Metal Thermic glasses from Italia Independent. They change from black to purple animal print in the heat and the lenses are a fabulous purple mirror. How cool is that? It wasn’t hot enough out for them to change, but even in their black cool state they’re awesome. I wore them with a cool pair of houndstooth silk track pants and an open weave short-sleeved sweater and cutout booties for a trendy fun evening. Enjoy!





Knot Sisters Sweater

Italia Independent Sunglasses

Pants Detail

Jeffrey Campell Cutout Booties


Sunglasses – Italia Independent (I-METAL THERMIC / 0020T)
Sweater – Knot Sisters (Nordstrom)
Houndstooth Track Pants  – Aqua (Bloomingdale’s)
Cutout Booties – Jeffrey Campbell (Bloomingdale’s)
Necklace – Orogami


Let me know your thoughts!

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