Chuck-Chucks – Exclusive Social Offer!


Chuck-Chucks Jewelry Exclusive Social Offer!

To Qualify:

  1. Like and follow Chuck-Chucks on their social Sites:
  2. Place order on their website with Bloggers coupon princessajf1
  3. In notes on your order section write “I’m Social with you” and provide your social network handles for verification
  4. Specify which colour you would like (Orange, Purple, Blue or Green)

Please visit their website here and enter coupon code princessajf1 to receive 50% off your order. That’s a great deal!

Leather Bracelet

Black Chuck on Bracelet

Blue Chuck on Bracelet

Blue Chucks

Blue Chucks 2

Black Chucks 2

Black Chucks

Bracelet and Chucks – ℅ Chuck-Chucks


Let me know your thoughts!

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