Chuck-Chucks – A Product Review and 50% Off For You!


When I was approached to review Chuck-Chucks my initial thought was “That’s cute!”. When I actually received the product, I changed it to “Wow! These are really nice!”.

You start with a blank leather bracelet (it’s adjustable for big or small wrists) and then add chucks or charms that snap on. Us Canadians call them poppers but I’m told by my American husband that nobody knows what a popper is other than me — apparently it’s a snap here. The quality of the leather bracelet and the chucks is really superb. They’re much chunkier and solid when you actually get to see them in person and they fasten really well. The website has literally hundreds of these chucks. It was so hard to pick only six! Now that I’ve gotten to experience them I will definitely order more!

Please visit their website here and enter coupon code princessajf1 to receive 50% off your order. That’s a great deal! Don’t forget to like them on Facebook too!

Leather Bracelet

Black Chuck on Bracelet

Blue Chuck on Bracelet

Blue Chucks

Blue Chucks 2

Black Chucks 2

Black Chucks

Bracelet and Chucks – ℅ Chuck-Chucks


2 thoughts on “Chuck-Chucks – A Product Review and 50% Off For You!

  1. They look cute and I might order but can’t get it to work properly on my iPad. Mommie

    Sent from my iPad



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