OK. So the truth is that I’ve been hoarding outfits to post the last couple weeks. I once again had surgery to replace the expander that had an issue after my first breast cancer surgery. I’m doing well this time. Everything is in place and no infections. I’m just not in a position to be putting on cute little outfits to be photographed. In fact, I think I may just cancel Valentine’s Day this year. While my amazing husband doesn’t care if I wear sweat pants and a huge top to hide all the goings on up there, I’m just not feeling so sexy and romantic at the moment. This outfit was the last set of pictures we took before my surgery. I love the flowing cardigan that’s see-through enough to let the stripes show. I also had to include my little Lubi. I gave him a bath that morning and he was just looking so fluffy and adorable. I couldn’t resist. He’s my little rock. He’s like a real live stuffed animal. He sleeps curled up beside me and goes to get daddy when I wake up so he can help me and he sits cuddled up next to me all day long.

I promise as I heal and start to look more normal more amazing outfits will follow. See you soon!!

Ash Boots

Stripe Top

Painted Threads Cardigan


Nars Makeup



Cardigan – Painted Threads (Nordstrom)
Striped Top – Red 23 (Neiman Marcus)
Leather Like Leggings – Forever 21
Boots – Ash (Bloomingdale’s Last Year)
Makeup – NARS, Benefit, IT Cosmetics


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