My 100th Post and My Mummy

I arrive at mum and dad’s for supper and, much to my dismay, my mum and I were wearing the same top! While I didn’t necessarily consider my overall look “blog worthy” it was just too funny not to take some pictures. Now I get to celebrate my 100th post with my mum who does read my blog faithfully (and corrects my grammar I might add).

So, the top… apparently we both, separately, saw this Free People top on sale at Bloomingdales and thought it was adorable. At least we bought different colours! We actually had both paired it with dark skinny jeans and similar jewellery too. Had I known we were going to take pictures I would have stepped up my footwear choice a little, but oh well! Here we are!

Amy and Janice 122013 (2)

Amy and Janice 122013 (3)

Amy and Janice 122013 (4)

Amy and Janice 122013 (1)

Amy and Janice 122013 (5)

Striped Tops – Free People (Bloomingdales)
My Jeans – Edyson (Nordstrom)
My Boots – UGG Australia (Bloomingdales)
Bracelets on Both of Us – Trollbeads (Edgewood Pharmacy)


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