Thanksgiving this year was a small family gathering that was also combined with Chanukah. That’s something that won’t happen again for tens of thousands of years. I included some pictures of the holiday table that my mum made look so nice for the combined occasion. Half the family was away and my poor hubby came down with what we now know is strep. Hopefully in 24 hours he’ll feel much better. I need him to take my blog pics! Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that calls for cozy dressing as opposed to a fussy LBD or something of that sort. Anything containing lycra is also a good idea since you’ll probably be feasting on many things! Also combining it with Chanukah you want to be able to hang with the kids. I threw on my favourite boyfriend jeans, a cute top and a sweater and boots and called it an outfit. The top is a pink and black snake print with leather yoke detail. How many trends can you put in one top? Love it! It was actually quite chilly so I got to wear my faux fur coat too. I picked it up at the Neiman’s outlet last winter and I get sooooo many compliments on it.












Thanksgivikah 112813 (1)

Thanksgivikah 112813 (2)

Thanksgivikah 112813 (3)

Thanksgivikah 112813 (29)

Thanksgivikah 112813 (34)

Coat – G.E.T (Neiman Marcus Outlet Last Year)
Scarf – Made by a Friend
Sweater – Hinge (Nordstrom Last Year)
Jeans – Edyson
Top – Kaya di Koko
Boots – Prada (Saks Last Year)
Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples (I sell these too!)
Necklace – Zimmermann
Earrings – Walter Bauman


Let me know your thoughts!

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