A Smile For Lucy

I have a faithful reader who has expressed that she really likes it when I smile in my posts. The first picture is for you!

On our way to supper the other night we found this cute fall display with pumpkins and all. It has been so uncharacteristically warm lately and even at night I didn’t need a jacket. I actually found some great light weight cardigans in the BP department at Nordstrom. With my “heat” issues they provide an extra layer for the look and a little warmth outside, but aren’t so heavy that you need to immediately strip them off when moving indoors. Needless to say… I’m pretty much never without a short sleeved or tank top under whatever it is that I’m wearing, no matter the season. Layering is one of the fun parts of fall. Even if the layers are light, they can add depth and colour to an outfit making it more interesting. Part of my layering strategy involves scarves. Scarves aren’t necessarily weather dependent; They’re more outfit dependent and I own them for every season. A dear friend of mine made me this scarf after my surgeries this summer. It’s not my first scarf from her and believe me one is more amazing than the next. The necklace is a special gift from mum and dad’s recent trip to Italy. I’ve included a link to their site below. Their jewellery is amazing.










Cardigan – Painted Threads
Sleeveless Top – Tildon
Leggings – Nordstrom
Booties – Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace – Orogami


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