Not a Vampire

So I just realized that it’s OK to take pictures of your daytime outfits. I’m not sure why I always felt like only my work or nighttime outfits were “blog worthy”. Even us bloggers have casual days. We’re not an elite group of men and women who look fabulous 24/7, dressed to the nines with full makeup and jewellery. Casual, however, doesn’t mean sloppy. One should always look put together. Even if you leave your house in sweats (the horror) they should at least match and be free of rips! Look like you have self respect and people will respect you.

This was my shopping outfit for the day. It literally happens only twice a year, but it’s worth the wait! The Nordstrom Half Yearly sale. My sister-in-law and I got up early and found some great stuff! Although not from this trip, my top is from the Savvy Department. It’s so much fun. Trendy, well made clothes and nothing is too expensive!










Top – Tildon
Black/Blue Coated Jeans – J Brand
Booties – Steve Madden
Biker Jacket – Aqua
Scarf – Missoni
Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples


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