Fall Back

It has just occurred to me that one has to plan a little better in the winter when taking blog pictures. In the summer it’s easy. There’s still time to take OOTD pics after work. I have one of those “job” things so I’m not home pre-sunset at this time of year. I’m going to have to figure this one out. Thoughts anyone?

This outfit I actually wore over the weekend, but still somehow didn’t manage to get myself ready before the sun went down. I’m so slow since my surgeries. It drives me crazy! Anyhoo… I knew the restaurant we were going to is always hot so I wanted to make sure I was wearing something light enough. Sweater not an option. I’ve always liked the “dress over jeans” look. It says, “I’m feminine, but I’ve got an edge”. This dress is so cute with buttons up the back and it’s from my favourite Nordstrom Savvy Department so it was reasonable. I actually found a way to give my favourite coated J Brand a night off. These are very cool Rag & Bone. They’re actually slippery. I slide around in the car!









Dress – Like Mynded (On sale!)
Pants – Rag & Bone
Leather Jacket – Aqua
Booties – Steve Madden
Scarf – Missoni


Let me know your thoughts!

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