Falling For Fall

It’s finally here. Most people are excited for spring to spring. I can never wait for fall to fall! Sweaters, boots, scarves, leather — bring it on! Break out the black and go for it. Living in the Northeast automatically turns your closet into a sea of darkness somehow. I sometimes walk through stores saying to myself, “Don’t buy more black.” It doesn’t work though. I always walk out with at least one black piece that screamed “I’m chick and you need me!”. Like this sweater for instance. I got it a little while ago at Saks and I’ve been waiting for the perfect cool day to wear it.  Today was that day. It was sunny, brisk and breezy. Perfect!  I love the combination of black and silver and a friend made me a black and silver scarf that just went too perfectly so I played it up with black and silver jewellery, boots and my biker jacket too. I had a “matchy matchy” day!











Sweater – Generation Love
Leather Biker Jacket – Aqua
Black Coated Jeans – J Brand
Boots – Sam Edelman
Scarf – Made by a Friend
Sunglasses – Prada


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