Looking Back

So last Saturday night was my high school reunion. The number you ask? Keep guessing. I had such mixed feelings about going, but I put myself together, picked up one of my high school besties and off we went, husband in tow. Not sure if I would have gone had a friend not come all the way from Minnesota. It was actually a lot of fun and I got to reconnect with some cool people.

Picking an outfit for a high school reunion is worse than deciding whether to go. While my friends were aware that my right breast is currently a prosthesis, I didn’t necessarily need the immediate world to know. The town where I grew up is quite conservative. I, as you can see from previous posts, am really not. No need to fake it. I had to come up with something cool enough to be blog worthy after all.

I had the pants, boots and jewellery. The boots… love these boots. They are black suede with a chain mesh overlay and they’re Balmain. My mum and dad brought them back from France. They don’t even leave the house if there’s the slightest chance of even a drizzle! A top… what was I going to wear for a top? I was on a mission. I went to the contemporary department at Saks Fifth Avenue, told one of the girls my situation and off she went coming back with so many options. The jeans were from the same department at Saks. She was great. Totally understood that less than two months after a bilateral mastectomy with complications I wasn’t feeling my best and certainly couldn’t wear anything fitted, strappy or too sheer. Thanks! She came up with this amazing black hi/lo top with covered studs around the neckline. Et voila!









Black Hi/Lo Top with Covered Studs – Boundary
Leather Like Coated Jeans – AG Jeans
Belt – Guess
Boots – Balmain
Watch – Michele Watches
Spike Bracelet – Cara
Pink Extensions in Support of Breast Cancer Month – Sparks Hair Design


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