It’s All In The Bag

So I totally selected my entire outfit to match my new purse. Ever done that? Gotten a cool new accessory and revolved your entire outfit around it?

I went with all pink and black everything to honour my new See By Chloe purse that I purchased that day at Bloomingdales. It’s not that I was really in the market for a new bag. I have many beautiful ones. Problem is that when you have surgery on your chest you can’t carry anything! I needed to find something that encompassed so many requirements. First and foremost; it had to be light! I also needed it to be big enough for every day, but not big enough that I would put my life in it and make it heavy anyway. Carrying handles so that I didn’t have a strap on my shoulder were an absolute must. This bag also did happen to come with a shoulder strap so that in a few months when I’m able I can carry it that way as well! I was actually looking for a reasonably priced temporary solution to my problem. My husband was with me and saw this bag and thought it was too nice to pass up. Who am I to argue?








Purse – See By Chloe
Black Top – Tildon
Pink Coated Jeans – Joe’s
Booties – Dolce Vita
Scarf – Missoni


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