Post Op – An Outfit Challenge

Let me start off by saying I’m fine. Now… I had some minor surgery that went well, but I have a very thick bandage that will be there for about three days. It’s on my chest so before I went out for supper I had to find something that would mask it as best as possible. I didn’t want it to look unsightly and didn’t want people to ask questions. I tried a lot of tops and found that a dark colour is definitely better for hiding something than a lighter one. I also found that a top made of a slightly thicker, but still flexible and soft fabric lay better and didn’t show the lumps and bumps as much. Coincidentally this top also has amazing detail on the back. While I don’t usually want people staring at my backside maybe it drew some attention away from the front! How did I do?








Laser Cut Tank – ASTR
Shimmery Light Jeans – 7 For All Mankind
Flats – Prada
Sunglasses – Prada


Let me know your thoughts!

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