French Thai

One of our favourite restaurants is a French Thai place. The food is phenomenal and it’s in a really cute town! You can eat outside when the weather is nice, which it so hasn’t been for quite some time. The rain actually subsided right in time to take pictures before supper.

This top has leather panels on the top and a blue floral patten and was on sale at Saks! It’s light and “flowy” which is nice in this humidity. No sticking! I’ve never owned a skirt like this. I’m not usually a “body-con” kind of girl, but with the loose top it really worked. It’s from the new Savvy department at Nordstrom which is so much fun! All their items are reasonably priced and the girls that work there are fabulous. I can see this skirt working in all seasons. I think it would be super cute with boots. I’m so excited for boot season!











Leather & Silk Floral Tank – Robbi & Nikki
Body Con Skirt – Devlin
Platform Sandals – Dolce Vita
Purse – Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelet – From St. Paul de Vence, FR
Ring – Tiffany & Co.


Let me know your thoughts!

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