Summertime Sadness

Thank you Lana Del Rey for the title. I’m such a winter girl. It’s painful just to go outside for pictures! Not sure what’s going on here, but the humidity is ridiculous. It’s about 96 degrees and about 99.9% humidity. Not fun! These “pajama pants” are so light that they feel like nothing and the dangling detail on this top was just so cute I couldn’t resist it! Black probably wasn’t the best colour choice for today but I did it anyway since most of my time is spent in air conditioning. I avoid being outdoors as much as humanly possible when it’s like this. It’s a good shopping season actually. Nothing better than a nice air conditioned mall!









Pajama Pants – San Souci
Sleeveless Blouse – Monteau
Long Rose Gold Necklace – From Mum and Dad’s Trip
Black Patent Studded Wedge Sandals – Vince Camuto
Spike Necklace – Nordstrom BP
Spike Bracelets – Cara and Nordstrom
Watch – Michele Watches
Velvet Studded Sunglasses – Italia Independent


Let me know your thoughts!

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