A Lily and a Rainbow

On our way out to supper at a local Italian restaurant that we go to almost every Sunday. Casual enough that you could probably go in your pajamas if you were so inclined. I, however, am not one to do that so I wore boyfriend jeans and a cute top. I love pairing a nice top with ripped up jeans. There’s just something cool about that. These beautiful lilies had just bloomed in the front of the house so I couldn’t resist photographing those. We had a thunderstorm and on the way home this beautiful rainbow appeared. Enjoy!

Boyfriend Jeans - Edyson
Boyfriend Jeans – Edyson
Graphic Silk Tank - Wayf
Graphic Silk Tank – Wayf
Hi Lubi!
Hi Lubi!
Sandals - Old Sam Edelman
Sandals – Old Sam Edelman
Makeup - Giorgio Armani, Mac, YSL
Makeup – Giorgio Armani, Mac, YSL
Sunglasses - Miu Miu
Sunglasses – Miu Miu


The Rainbow
The Rainbow
Our Lilies
Our Lilies


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