So for this first day of spring we had a snow storm. Go figure. I wouldn’t have minded if I hadn’t had to go into New York for the day. What a mess! Oh well — the positive — I can still wear my favourite winter clothes. Oh how I’ll miss them.

I know people have a thing against Abercrombie & Fitch but they have some really nice pieces and the prices are so reasonable. I paired a soft classic white shirt with high waisted, faux leather leggings, booties and an oversized wrap. So simple, but so chic. I’ve always wanted to try the exposed black bra under a white shirt but never felt it appropriate. I finally decided that I didn’t care. Since my reconstruction post breast cancer I don’t actually need a bra for functional purposes so I’m obsessed with these little Calvin Klein bralettes. They look like a tank and they’re seamless and wireless so they don’t hurt.

Oh… one last thing. Can we talk about these Prada sunglasses? Fabulous doesn’t even begin to describe!

Dolce Vita Bootis

Abercrombie & Fitch Pants and Shirt

Forever 21 Wrap

Chic Simple


Prada Sunglasses

White Shirt – Abercrombie & Fitch (Great Spring Option Here)
Faux Leather Leggings – Abercrombie & Fitch
Wrap – Forever 21 (Love this one!)
Bralette – Calvin Klein (Bloomingdale’s, Available Online Here)
Booties – Dolce Vita (Bloomingdale’s, Similar)
Sunglasses – Prada (Available Online Here)


Happy Spring… Not!

There’s something so nonchalant, and dare I say sexy, about wearing a shirt that looks like it’s from your husband’s closet. Unbuttoned as much as possible and not too neat for even more effect. Then pair it with a fab pair of coated skinnies and some amazing flat boots and you’ve got that “model off duty” look down pat. To add even more take an amazing artsy scarf and drape it over your shoulders without even thinking about where it falls. Easy, breezy.

Silence and Noise Shirt

Prada Chelsea Boots

Prada Sunglasses

AG Coated Pants

French Scarf

Button Down Shirt – Silence & Noise (Urban Outfitters, Similar)
Coated Pants – AG (Saks Fifth Avenue, Available Here)
Boots – Prada (Available Here)
Sunglasses – Prada (Available Here)
Scarf – From France Courtesy of Mum and Dad



Fringes are huge right now in the trend department. Were they ever out? Boho essential no? I love to spin around and watch them fly around. So silly. Like they weren’t enough fun on their own I wore the cardigan over this super fun Free People slip dress styled as a top over pants. There’s so much going on in this outfit! The florals, lace, fringes… Too much? Nah. Why? Because the consistent colour pallet gives it balance and softness.

OOTD 013115

OOTD with Lubi

Free People Floral

NARS Makeup

Prada Boots

Cardigan – Abercrombie & Fitch – Super Sale!
Slip Dress – Free People (Bloomingdale’s)
Coated Pants – AG (Saks Fifth Avenue, Similar)
Boots – Prada (Saks Fifth Avenue, Old, Love These)
Special Guest Appearance by Lubi the Chihuahua wearing Martha Stewart for PetSmart


Fringe Benefits

Blanket Statement

You’ve all seen the hype around wearing blanket wraps. The monogrammed Burberry one in particular was super popular this season. On a less expensive note, however, there are so many options available that still look super cool and keep you nice and toasty. I found this one at the Zara sale. It’s so soft. I’ve thrown it over everything from jeans to a skirt and top. It’s also an amazing option when you want to be warm, but don’t want to lug a coat around.

Zara Blanket Scarf

Blanket Wrap

Cozy Chic Striped Scarf

Zara Sweater

Statement Necklace

Ash Boots

Blanket Scarf – Zara
Sweater – Zara (In White Here)
Pants – Helmut Lang (Neiman Marcus, Similar)
Boots – Ash (Saks Off Fifth, Can only find them here)
Sunglasses – Italia Independent
Necklace – A gift from a friend


Shaggy Baby

I admit it. I totally coveted this sweater from the day I saw it at Free People. I watched it, visited it, knew I absolutely had to have it. However, I never spend full price on anything, especially when it’s that expensive. It’s just a sweater. I could wait. And wait I did. Finally — 50% off! Woohoo! Mine! Since the sweater itself is such a statement I chose funky, but all black to wear with it so as not to overpower its awesomeness. Like it?

OOTD 011715 2


Marc by Marc Jacobs Bootie

Ruched Joes Jeans

Shaggy Free People Sweater

Sweater Jacket – Free People
Black Faux Leather Top – ASTR (Nordstrom, Similar)
Black Coated, Ruched Pants – Joe’s Jeans (Neiman Marcus, Available Here)
Booties – Marc by Marc Jacobs (Bloomingdale’s, Similar)


How Have You Been?

Did anyone else get totally overwhelmed by the holiday season, family events, stuff going on? Not to mention not enough daylight hours to take pictures! Ugh! Sorry I haven’t been around. I haven’t even had a chance to share this amazing wrap coat/cape with all of you. You see, the Zara closest to me was closed for what seemed like an eternity (or three months) to revamp the store. The outcome was totally worth it because it’s beautiful now, but the withdrawal symptoms were kind of hard to deal with (#bloggerproblems). This was one of the first things I bought when they reopened. It’s roomy enough to put great layers underneath. You know all those sweaters you own that don’t fit under a proper coat? Problem solved!

Forever 21 Scarf

Round Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ash Studded Biker Boots

Zara Cape

Coat – Zara – Major Sale!
Distressed Jeans – Zara (Similar)
Scarf – Forever 21
Sunglasses – Ray Ban (Available Here)
Boots – Ash (Similar)


How to Survive (Fashionably) this Winter Season

There is beauty in winter, with the first snowflakes, the ice skating opportunity, houses covered in snow and the romance that could bloom this season.

Of course, with the changing of the season comes a different set of fashion rules and guidelines. And to help you survive the cold without looking frumpy, let me share to you my top 10 rules for winter dressing.

Rule #1 – Sleeves all the way

Everything should have sleeves. It’s really cold out there, you know? Sweaters are perfect for this since they provide comfort and warmth.  But besides that, sweaters can add life and colour to your bland winter ensembles because, as you know, they come in a different designs, prints, sizes and colors. No matter what design you choose, sweaters can add oomph to your outfit. So if you prefer something oversized as opposed to those with snug fit, don’t worry because you can still look stylish in them. All you have to do is just learn how to wear slouchy sweater.

It's snowing outside

Rule #2 — It’s all about the scarves

Although initially, they’re designed for additional protection, they’re now considered essential winter fashion pieces. Just learn the different ways to tie scarf and you’ll be on your merry way looking chic as ever. It’s as if winter is made just for you. 

Faux Woolen Tartan Shawl

Faux Woolen Tartan Shawl

Animal Print Tassel Scarf

Animal Print Tassel Scarf

Rule #3 — The shoe queen

Although boots are an obvious choice for the snowy season, don’t limit yourself to them only. Ballet flats, pumps and even sandals can be worn in the winter. Just let your creativity flow and you’ll find lots of ways to keep your feet from freezing. 

Louise et Cie Booties

Open Toe Booties

Rule #4 — The coat of love

Why blend when you can stand out? While neutral shades, like black and grey, are a safe choice this winter, it doesn’t mean you have to conform to the norms. Choose the brightest, baddest, and most stylish coat you can find, and you’re sure to make winter one heck of a fashionable season.

Double-breasted Faux Woolen Coat

Double-breasted Faux Woolen Coat

Khaki Classic Trench Coat

Khaki Classic Trench Coat

Rule #5 — Hello shorty

Cold? So what? You can still wear skater skirts and shorts in the winter provided you wear thick leggings underneath them. 

Khaki Micro Suede Shorts

Khaki Micro Suede Shorts

Snake Skin Print Leggings

Snake Skin Print Leggings

Rule #6 — My sweet Beanie

Winters and beanies definitely go together. And not just because they keep your pretty head from freezing but can also be the perfect accessories to your outfits. 

Fancy Mesh Striped Beanie

Fancy Mesh Striped Beanie

Rule #7 — Red, hot, candy-licious

Stand out in sea of white, gray and black by wearing something red. Red coat, red top, red dress — red whatever!

Red Removable Collar Coat

Red Removable Collar Coat

Rule #8 — Dress to impress

Don’t just choose an ordinary dress. Go for a knitted sweater dress.  How cozy is that?

Rule #9 — Capes of Stylishness

Add a little drama to your outfits, be it casual or formal, by wearing capes instead of the usual coats and cardigans. 

Charlie Brown Style Christmas

Charlie Brown Style Winter

Rule # 10 — Layers of fabulousness

Beat the chill with an arsenal of layered outfits. Layering clothes is a great way to stay warm while looking fabulous. 

Black Side Zip Sweater

Black Side Zip Sweater

White Ruffled Tulle Coat

White Ruffled Tulle Coat

Have a fashionable, fab winter!